About Us

ICHI Cosmetics: Tradition, Technology and Nature

ICHI means "one", "first", "best", "most" in Japanese.

ICHI is our pursuit of harmony and perfection through the traditions of the past and the innovations of the present.

ICHI is our idea of ​​healthy and natural beauty, where less is more.

We developed truly authentic high-quality formulations that are designed to gently, safely and effectively care for your skin every day.          

Our ICHI logo – a blossoming branch of the Japanese plum – symbolizes unobtrusive beauty, elegance and harmony with nature in the spirit and philosophy of Zen.

ICHI cosmetics was born in the city of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, which is famous for its customs and traditions, refinement and sophistication. The ritual of beauty in Japan is centuries old and uses time-honored methods and traditions for skin care.

ICHI created sophisticated formulas with quality and precision based on traditional indigenous ingredients such as: ume (Japanese plum), kome(rice), matcha (Japanese green tea), komenuka(rice bran), edamame (soybeans), sakura(cherry blossoms), yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) and onsen sui (hot springs water).

ICHI is also innovation-driven in addition to being rooted in Japanese tradition. Our formulas incorporate the latest advancements in the beauty space to combine key natural ingredients that have been used for centuries with cutting edge technologies.

We are devoted to quality manufacturing and carefully contemplate everything to create unique, timeless, efficacious and humbly luxurious products.